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Abstract painting depicting diverse head shapes in various colors symbolizing shopper diversity
Shopper Types, Impulse Buyer

Different Types of Shoppers – How to convince them to buy from you?

One of the key steps to grow your sales is to understand the different types of shoppers there are. With this knowledge as a base, you should then start to target them with dedicated strategies. They have differing needs and wants, and most importantly, they are coming to you with differing intents and differing behavior.

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Brand Audit

8 Principles of Branding That Every Business Should Adhere

Uncover Your Brand’s Potential: Master the Fundamentals of Branding
Define your brand’s true identity and resonate with the right people. This guide explores the core principles that bring clarity to your brand and create a strong foundation for success.

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Colorful pyramid landscape with interwoven arrows, illustrating B2B market segmentation dynamics.
B2B Market Segmentation, B2B Markets

Segmentation of B2B Markets – How to segment Business Markets?

Marketing theory is much concerned with market segmentation. However, most theory introduces variables for the segmentation of consumer markets only. In this article, we will take a look at the segmentation of B2B markets. How should business markets be split up, what are the decisive segmentation variables, and how does B2B segmentation differ from consumer market segmentation?

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