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Pricing your product effectively is crucial. Explore different pricing strategies and learn how to maximize revenue and profitability.

Fish swimming towards a hook with a 'LOW PRICES' sign, illustrating penetration pricing strategy.
Penetration Pricing, Price Skimming

Penetration Pricing – How does Penetration Pricing Work and When to use it?

Some companies will swoop into a market with radically low prices as a strategy for attracting new clients. This is called a penetration pricing strategy. We’ll explore what penetration pricing is, how it works, how it compares to other pricing strategies, when it should be used and also look at some penetration pricing examples.

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Opulent treasure chest overflowing with gold coins and large, colorful gemstones representing differentiation value in pricing.
Value-Based Pricing, Differentiation Value, Customer Value Drivers, Conjoint Analysis

Estimating Differentiation Value – Measuring Monetary and Psychological Value

Value-based pricing requires the estimation of the economic value of a product: to what extent does a good or service provide additional value to a consumer? Estimating differentiation value requires strategic approaches towards measuring monetary and psychological value.

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Vibrant paint splashes emerging from a cardboard box held in a hand against a black background.
Service Pricing, Satisfaction-Based Pricing, Relationship Pricing, Efficiency Pricing

Alternative Service Pricing Strategies – Pricing Services Effectively

Due to the many special considerations surrounding the pricing of services, traditional pricing strategies such as penetration pricing, competitive pricing, and premium pricing may not be suitable… we will take a look at emerging alternative service pricing strategies.

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