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Develop winning product strategies. Learn how to make key decisions about product development, from idea generation and market research to launch and beyond.

A skeleton figure ascending steps on a yellow wall, metaphor for new product development steps.
New Product Development, Product Idea Generation, Product Prototype, Launch

How to Create New Products? – Steps to Successfully Develop New Products

We have all wondered how our favorite products have come to existence or have wanted to create our own products to sell. The following, however, are some of the most consistent steps taken by many of the giants before us, from the starting concept to the final step, the marketplace.

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Whole apple and plated apple slices with cheese, illustrating the concept of product augmentation.
Augmented Product, Product Differentiation

What is an Augmented Product? Product Augmentation Strategies and Examples

Product augmentation can be accomplished by adding a variety of different add-ons to the original product… The augmented product then contributes to a better customer experience. This also makes major contribution to brand loyalty and creates a favorable purchase experience for the customer.

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Single stone creating ripples in tranquil water, epitomizing the concept of market diffusion.
Market Diffusion Process, Innovation, Adopter Categories

Market Diffusion Process and Its Marketing Implications

The market diffusion process describes how an innovation progresses through a market. For these reasons, it is crucial to understand the facets of the market diffusion process and its importance for new product development (NPD).

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