Marketing Strategies For Unsought Products – Sell when People Don’t Know They Need It

Many products aren’t on consumers’ radar initially – these are called unsought products. Learn effective marketing strategies specifically designed to create demand for products that people don’t realize they need.

In the marketplace, there are many products that consumers are eager to buy. However, there are also other products that consumers are not very interested in buying or don’t know anything about. These products are called unsought products or unsought goods.

As a business, it is very important to find ways to market these products that most people don’t look to buy. Whenever you are looking into selling these products, it is important to find effective marketing strategies for unsought products. With a variety of marketing strategies for unsought products, businesses will be in a better position to sell these products to the masses. They can potentially turn them into the most profitable items sold.

Marketing Strategies for Unsought Products

Providing Basic Information

One of the best marketing strategies for unsought products is to simply provide as much information about them as you can. Consumers do not know your product or do not know that they need it. Therefore, start with basic information. Businesses will want to introduce the product to the masses and explain what they are and how they can meet a demand. This information will often include the name of the product, its price, its features, and how one can get it. It is also important for businesses to explain to consumers how the product is valuable and will benefit them in the future. By providing basic information, consumers will be more informed about the product and more motivated to consider buying it.

Emphasizing Benefits

Another one of the best marketing strategies for unsought products is to emphasize its benefits. All products provide someone with incentives to buy them. This can include making them look better, helping them solve a problem, getting a task done more quickly, or boosting their self-esteem. A business will want to explain to a consumer how this unsought product can improve their lives or make them happier. Informing consumers about the benefits of an unsought product will convince them to consider buying the product. This may seem obvious as it is necessary for any product.

However, for unsought products, this aspect is even more crucial. If people are not thinking of your product, you must make them think of it. So emphasize those benefits that are tangible and thereby generate a perceived need or want in the consumer’s mind.

An example of an unsought product would be insurance policies. Most of these are not something that most people prefer to spend money on. As a result, a business needs to promote these products by discussing the benefits of buying insurance. The best way to emphasize the benefits of insurance is to explain how an insurance policy will protect them from financial problems, cover medical expenses, or pay for any damages that occur to their property. As a result, this will give consumers an incentive to buy insurance.

Demonstrating the Product

When it comes to finding marketing strategies for unsought products, it is important to provide a demonstration. This will provide consumers with proof of what the product is capable of providing and how it will benefit them. Businesses can use videos to show how the product works and what types of problems it can solve. Next to using videos, businesses can have sales representatives consult with consumers at a retail location or in their homes to show how the product works or how it looks. With a demonstration of the product, consumers will be more likely to buy an unsought product.

Offering an Attractive Price

Pricing strategies should receive special consideration for unsought products. Businesses that are looking to market an unsought product such as reference books will want to offer an attractive price. Reference books may not be the most popular product on the market. So, it is a good idea to offer them at a price that is very appealing. Offering reference books at a low price along with promoting their benefits will result in more consumers purchasing this product in the future. Once there is initial demand for your product, you could raise prices. Next to this competitive entry pricing strategy, subscription models might be a good idea to gain those initial customers.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Next to providing information about a product, explaining its benefits, and demonstrating it, businesses will also need to market it on the Internet. A business can do this by using Search Engine Advertising. They can use pay per click ads to inform the public about the product and provide a link to the site where a consumer can learn more about it. Using pay-per-click advertising is a great way to quickly get exposure and an immediate sale, without wasting money on irrelevant impressions. Imagine a billboard ad for an insurance policy in your local neighborhood. Out of 500 people walking past, maybe 495 do not consider that they need insurance. However, you are paying for all those impressions by placing the billboard ad. With pay per click advertising on the internet, you will pay for only those 5 that click on your ad and are interested in buying your unsought product.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is also important for a business to market unsought products with Search Engine Optimization. With this method, a business uses keywords and meta tags to describe the product which will eventually get to the top of the search engines. Once it is on top of the major search engines, consumers will be able to find the product and purchase it. The search volume for these types of products will be low. Therefore, you will want to be on top of the search results for those few searches that are done.

Direct Selling

Selling an unsought product can be a challenge for many businesses. Direct selling can often help in generating initial demand. Think of electronic devices. Since unsought products are often just entering the market, a business needs to promote these products in person. Direct selling is one of the best ways to market unsought products. This entails selling a product right in front of a person rather than through the internet or retail stores.

Marketing unsought products can be a challenge. However, with the right tools and methods, a business can easily market a product in low demand and still sell it. Any business can successfully market unsought products and eventually turn them into some of the top-selling items they have.

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